In Memory of Lt./Captain Charles "Chuck" Hawkins .... 2nd & 3rd Platoon and Alpha Company Commander


Charles F. Hawkins ..... 73

Died: September 13th, 2019 in Ninilchick, AK

Born: August 1st, 1946 in Carmel, CA



Distinguished Member of the 506th Infantry Regiment (DMOR)
Charles F Hawkins

Charles F Hawkins is nominated to be a Distinguished Member of the 506th Infantry Regiment in recognition of his exemplary combat service in the Vietnam War as a rifle company commander of A company 2nd Battalion 506th Infantry and later in his career for his continued contributions to our Nation as a senior Chinese policy analyst and consultant for the Department of Defense. ____________________________
Chuck Hawkins served in 2nd Battalion 506th Infantry from March 1970 to March 1971.  During this time, his assignments included Rifle Platoon Leader in C Company, and then, after promotion to Captain, command of A Company.  During the Ripcord campaign, Chuck Hawkins received the Silver Star for valor along with the Purple Heart for his wounds. ______________________________________________________
After the Vietnam War, Chuck continued active duty service and then transitioned into the Army Reserves, serving until retirement in many key positions in the 29th Division in Virginia. ________________________________________________________________________________
Chuck Hawkins was one of the founders of the Ripcord Association.  This association was formed to serve as a gathering point for the 101st Airborne veterans of the Ripcord campaign. His genuine leadership and sincere commitment to the 506th Infantry and other 101st Airborne Division veterans of the Ripcord battles in the spring and summer of 1970 was a key factor in the continued growth of this association which earnestly reaches out to Vietnam veterans and their families. For many years, Chuck was the chief editor for the Ripcord Newsletter. ________
Chuck Hawkins has become one of the foremost senior policy analysts addressing Chinese military policy and their professional education and training.  He travels frequently to China, along with other countries in the northeast Asia region, and has written extensively on current trends of military operations.



"Thank you brother for a job well done".  Until we meet again my friend ..... "Currahee"......"Stands Alone"

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