Company Headquarters Personel

Company Commander's; Capt. Glynn W. Hale, Capt. Isabellino Vazquez-Rodriguez, Capt. Thomas T. Hewitt, Capt. Jeff Wilcox, Capt. Kenneth Lamb, Capt. Frank Lynch, Capt. Randy House, Capt. Richard M. (Bob) Seitz

First Sergeant's & Staff NCO's:  1st Sgt. Frank Ryan, 1st Sgt. Jose Meana-Rivera

Headquarters Personnel:   Peter Meloro (Co. Clerk), Billingsley (Co. Clerk), Jerry O'Neil (Co. Clerk), Brice Bergeson (Co. Clerk) from the 2nd Plt, Big John Sauletis (Co. Clerk) from the 2nd Plt, Cal Kato (Mail Clerk) from 2nd Plt, Jim Roesch (PRC-25 RTO) from 3rd plt., Tom Weides from the 1st plt., Johnny Cox (CP Medic), Ed Hanson, Ken Hamilton & Ron Effler

Supply Personnel:  Ed Hanson, Ron Effler

Charlie Company Dog:  A little black & white mutt named "Socrates" or better known to the men by his nick-name "Socko"

HQ Photos:


Our Company Commander's . . . .

__________Capt. Isabellino Vazquez-Rodriguez_________________Capt. Ken Lamb___________________Capt. Frank Lynch

Cpt. Vazquez ____Cpt Lamb_____Cpt Lynch

Cpt House___Cpt Steitz

_______________________________Capt. Randy House _______________ Capt. Bob Steitz

Our Company 1st Sergeant's . . . .

Top Ryan__________Top Meana-Rivera

___1st Sgt Frank Ryan__________________1st Sgt Jose Meana-Rivera

Our Company Staff . . . .

Jerry O'Neill__Brice Bergesen__Cal Kato

Co. Clerk Jerry O'Neill___________ _Co. Clerk Brice Bergesen_______________Co. Mail Clerk Cal Kato

Sauletis & O'Neill

Company Clerks, Big John Sauletis and Jerry O'Neill

Doc Cox________Doc Warren

Company Head Medic "Doc Cox"_____Company Head Medic "Doc Rick Warren"__

Ed Hanson__________Ron Effler

Ed Hanson_____________________Ron Effler


"Socrates" aka "Socko"


RVN Ribbon______          ___Air Medal Ribbon______          ___Bronze Star Ribbon


_          __          _