In memory of our fallen Charlie Co. Brothers...CURRAHEE MEN!!


Here below, is a list of our "Currahee Brothers" which have left this earthly plane and passed on.  Each of these good men were very special in their own way.  Just like the rest of us, each was full of life, hopes, and dreams for the future.  These lives were cut too short by the circumstances of life.   In the process of looking back, this period of time had a dramatic impact upon each of our lives.  For those of us that came home...we all came home as different men than the boys that first arrived there....we were all touched and scorched by the trials and heartaches of the war.  But we also found many deep and meaningful friendships.  Friendships of Brotherhood that we value greatly and maintain still to today.  These men and our memories of Vietnam mean many different things to all of us.  But most of all...these men, like our memories are very precious to each of us.  They have helped shape us into who we have become today.  For that, we want to say to each of them, Currahee!! ...Thank you for a "Job Well Done".  And we wish to honor their memory and pay tribute to each of these great guys with their own individual Tribute Page.

We would like to invite everyone that knew these guys (war buddies, friends, family, and co-workers) to share with us all, a fond memory of these men, or a story of how they may have impacted your life.  A funny encounter.  Or maybe a favorite photo of them.  We would like to see each of these tribute pages become a living memorial that continues to grow, and grow. We wish to provide a place for each of us to remember these fine men.  A place where we can all return to from time to time, just to reflect, and honor them.  Please let us know if you have any stories, articles, photos, or information of our brothers that may be interesting, funny, or healing in nature.  We would be happy to post them on their Tribute Page in your behalf......See the page links below to their individual Tribute Pages, listed in order by date fallen.

Send your comments, photos, write-ups, and info for posting to ...

On going Memorials are being made at all of the gravesites of our fallen brothers. A big CURRAHEE! out to all who attend.

The Charlie Company Memorial teams have been busy.  The idea of a Currahee Memorial was formed last year at a visit to SFC Domenic Smigliani's grave in Augusta GA with Glenn Shuman, Dave Simonds, Bob Lister, Frank Matsko and Gary Gilliam.  There was much anticipation as we traveled to the grave of our platoon sergeant, close friend and brother.  The emotions overwhelmed us as we made the first visit to one of our brothers gravesite, the tears gave way to a healing peace knowing we had done a good thing; we needed to remember our brother.

It was there Dave Simonds said this should be the beginning not the end, we need to do this for all our Fallen Brothers.  So we began to discuss the next visit to SSG Gordon Stoakley the following summer.  While planning that trip we realized that we would be near several other of our Charlie Company Fallen and it only seemed right to make a visit to those as we traveled.  We began to map the locations of graves and realized we would be close to several within driving distance on the trip in the midwest.

In July, one team would visit the distant gravesite of CPT Thomas Hewitt near Belleville, Kansas on July 2nd 2016 forty-six years from the day he was killed on Hill 902, while another team would travel to 7 gravesites in 6 states over a three day period to provide memorials for Gordon Stoakley (Livonia, MI), Robert "Butch" Radcliff (Stow, OH), James Hupp (Rochester, PA), Robert "Bob" Zoller II (Mantua, OH), Rickey Scott (Columbia City, IN), Gerald "Jerry" Risinger (Louisville,KY), and Jerry Bobbitt (Cowling, IL).

In mid-August the next team would go to Riverview, MO grave of John Anders, Bartlesville, OK to a memorial for Donald "Don" Ragsdale, Oklahoma City to the grave of Steve Steward and meet up with another team in Wright Kansas to provide a memorial for Richard "Doc" Conrardy.

In September another team would meet to provide a memorial for SSG Thomas "Tom" Herndon in Batesville AR then travel to Doniphan MO to hold a ceremony for Oren L. Crook.

There have been several groups of Charlie Company brothers joined together to form the different memorial teams.  The following is a list of those who have been part of a memorial team.  Glenn Shuman, Bob Lister, Dave Simonds, Frank Matsko, Glenn Green, Steve Bago, Ken Pitetti, Tom Weides, Randy Parmley, Rolland Christiansen, Leigh Freeman, Jeff Wilcox, Bob Smoker, Dale Cooper, Vic Rubidoux, John Fowler, Jerry Minahan, Ronny Middlebrook and Gary Gilliam. A special thanks to all that helped and participated in these events, these were truly a blessing to all the families and friends of our Fallen Brothers.

Gary Gilliam

Local Channel 10 News Clip of Guy G. Shannon's Memorial Service 11/10/2019 in Branson Mo.:

.................................... Men lost (KIA) in 1970 ...................................

During the period from March 12, 1970 to July 23, 1970 Firebase Ripcord was established on Hill 927. Due to it's location near the A Shua Valley, FSB Ripcord was able deliver a continous barrage of 155mm artillery fire that created a serious supply disruption to the NVA.  Because of this, the NVA Commanders had to put a stop this serious problem. FSB Ripcord indured an ever increasing number of heavy NVA attacks during May and June.  And in July of 1970 the battle became a all-out, head-to-head, slug-out between the 101st Airborne and the NVA. This period of time in history would later be known as the last major battle of the Vietnam War, the "Siege of Fire Support Base Ripcord". In the early morning hours of July 2nd, 1970 the NDP of Charlie Company located on Hill 902 (1st & 2nd Platoons along with the Company CP) was over-run by an estimated force of a Company of NVA Sappers and a Company of NVA Regulars. Many good men were lost here and a great many more were wounded. On July 23rd 1970 the 101st Airborne closed down FSB Ripcord and evacuated the base.

We would like to invite the men who knew these guys well to provide photos and small rememberance write-up for posting

Gerald D. Shanor, CPL E3 ........ KIA: March 12th, 1970  RVN

Memorial Service for Gerry Shanor

James S. Stanley, SP4 E4 ........ KIA: March 16th, 1970  RVN

Tribute Page to James Steven Stanley

George M. Underdown , SGT E5 ........ KIA: April 1st, 1970  RVN

Donald R. Heimark , SGT E5 ........ KIA: April 1st, 1970  RVN

Donald R. Ragsdale , CPL E3 ........ KIA: April 1st, 1970  RVN(HHC Attached)

Tribute Page to Don Ragsdale

Lawrence P. Christman (Larry), CPL E4 ........ KIA: April 6th, 1970  RVN

Tribute Page to Larry Christman

Oren L. Crook, SP4 E4 ........ KIA: April 6th, 1970  RVN

Tribute Page to Oren Crook

Carl B. Goodson, SP4 E4 ........ KIA: April 6th, 1970  RVN

Tribute Page to Carl Goodson

Steve L. Steward , SGT E5 ........ KIA: April 6th, 1970  RVN

Tribute Page to Steve Steward

Dennis R. Heinz, CPL E3 ........ KIA: April 16th, 1970  RVN

Tribute Page to Dennis Heinz

Thomas T. Hewitt, Captain O3 ........ KIA: July 2nd, 1970  RVN

Tribute Page to Tom Hewitt

Thomas H. Herndon , SSG E6 ........ KIA: July 2nd, 1970  RVN

Tribute Page to Tom Herndon

Lee N. Lenz , SGT E5 ........ KIA: July 2nd, 1970  RVN

Rodger D. Sumrall , SGT E5 ........ KIA: July 2nd, 1970  RVN

Robert P. Radcliffe Jr , SP4 E4 ........ KIA: July 2nd, 1970  RVN

Tribute Page to Robert Radcliff Jr.

Robert W. Zoller II , SP4 E4 ........ KIA: July 2nd, 1970  RVN

Tribute Page to Bob "Doc" Zoller

Richard J. Conrardy , PFC E1 ........ KIA: July 2nd, 1970  RVN "Silver Star"

Tribute Page to Richard Conrardy

Stephen J. Harber , SGT E5 ........ KIA/BNR: July 2nd, 1970  RVN

Tribute Page to Stephen Harber

Gerald L. Risinger , SP4 E4 ........ KIA: July 7th, 1970  RVN

James E. Hupp , SP4 E4 ........ KIA: July 8th, 1970  RVN

Tribute Page to James Hupp

Rickey L. Scott , CPL E3 ..... KIA: July 8th, 1970  RVN (HHC Medic, Attached)

Tribute Page to Rickey Scott

.................................... Men lost (KIA) in 1971 ...................................

Gordon Stoakley, SSG E6 ........ KIA Feb. 16th, 1971 RVN

Tribute to Page Gordon Stoakley

Guy Shannon, SSG E6 ........ KIA: March 31, 1971 RVN

Tribute Page to Guy Shannon

John Anders, CPL E3 ........ KIA: April 1st, 1971  RVN

Tribute Page to John Anders

Jerry Bobbitt, SGT E5 ........ KIA: April 1st, 1971  RVN

Tribute Page to Jerry Bobbitt

Jim Davis, CPL E3 ........ KIA: April 1st, 1971  RVN

Tribute Page to Jim Davis

Art Hernandez, CPL E3 ........ KIA: April 1st, 1971  RVN

Tribute Page to Art Hernandez

Domenic Smigliani, SFC E7 ........ KIA: July 27, 1971 RVN

Tribute Page to Domenic Smigiliani

.............................. Lost since we returned home ..............................

Samuel "Ricky" Welch, ........ Died: April 23rd, 1978,  Turbeville, SC

Tribute Page to Ricky Welch

Kennth Manning, ........ Died: May 3rd, 1979,  Lima, OH

Tribute Page to Kenny Manning

John Evans, ........ Died: ?, 1993,  Buffalo, NY


Richard Bedolla, ........ Died: Aug. 5th, 1995   San Bernardino, CA

Tribute Page to Richard Bedolla

Marty Van Kuiken, ........ Died: July 18, 1997,  MI

Tribute Page to Marty Van Kuiken

Frank "Fat's" Spradlin Jr., ........ Died: March 11, 1999,  Hot Springs, AR

Tribute Page to Frank Spradlin Jr.

Bill "Doc" Springer, ........ Died: Jan 13th, 2001, St. Louis, MO


Richard "Rick" Thomas, ........ Died: Feb. 7th, 2002,  Omaha, NE

Tribute Page to Rick Thomas

Tom "TC" Manbeck, ........ Died: May 25th, 2004

Tribute Page to Tom "TC" Manbeck

Ray E. Hulanick, ........ Died: Feb. 13th, 2005, Linden, NJ


Otto E. Zollondz, ........ Died: April 2nd, 2005, Lawrenceville, GA

Tribute Page to Otto Zollondz

Rick L. Witwer, ........ Died: May 9th, 2006, Narvon, PA

Tribute Page to Rick Witwer

Layne Hammons, ........ Died: Aug. 27th, 2006,  Downsville, LA

Tribute Page to Layne Hammons

Rodney G. Moore, ........ Died: Sept. 7th, 2006, Clarksburg, MA

Obituary for Rodney Moore _____Tribute Page to Rodney Moore

Ed A. Hansen, ........ Died: Feb. 25th, 2008,  Priest River, ID

Obituary Page for Ed Hansen _____Tribute Page to Ed Hansen

Albert "Burl" Ives, ........ Died: Aug. 22nd, 2008, Surfside Beach, TX

Tribute Page to Albert "Burl" Ives

Frank Vought, ........ Died: Oct. 26th, 2008, Hornbrook, PA

Tribute Page to Frank Vought

Rex Bleeker, ........ Died: Dec. 12th, 2008,  Wahoo, NE

Tribute Page to Rex Bleeker

Irby "Chief" Hand, ........ Died: Dec. 5th, 2010, Rapid City, SD

Tribute Page to Irby Hand

Marke Glover, ........ Died: Feb. 14th, 2011, Terre Haute, IN

Tribute Page to Marke Glover

Jack Dreher, ........ Died: Aug. 9th, 2011, Clinton, IN


Lt. Joe Ficarra, ........ Died: Sept. 8th, 2012, Virginia Beach, VA

Tribute Page to Joe Ficarra

Joe Bivens, ........ Died: May 3rd, 2013, Omaha, NE

Obituary for Joe Bivens_____ Tribute Page to Joe Bivens

Charles "Chuck" Schlueter, ........ Died: Sept. 3rd, 2013, Salmon, ID

Obituary for Chuck Schlueter _____ Tribute Page to Chuck Schlueter

Cortney "Corky" Swafford, ........ Died: June 14th, 2014, Navarre, OH


Robert "Bob" Smith (FO), ........ Died: Nov. 15th, 2014, Forest Lake, MN

Obituary for Bob Smith

Jacob "Jake" Pioche, ........ Died: Jan. 3rd, 2015, Farmington, NM _ _____.....(Silver Star)


Ron C. Effler, ........ Died: Jan. 30th, 2015, Creve Coeur, MO

Tribute Page to Ron Effler

Mike Mueller, ........ Died: April 16th, 2016, Anchorage, AK__(Silver Star)


William "Bill" Heil , ........ Died: Aug. 3rd, 2016,  Hastings, NE


Shawn L. Spratt, ........ Died: April 14th, 2017, Sherman, TX

Tribute Page to Shawn Spratt

Frank J. Parada Jr., ........ Died: April 27th, 2017, Waterford, MI

Obituary for Frank Parada _____Tribute Page for Frank Parada

Paul E. Burkey, ........ Died: Sept. 7th, 2017, New Middletown, OH

Obituary for Paul Burkey _____Tribute Page for Paul Burkey

John Williams, ........ Died: May 25th, 2018,  Fairfax, VA


Bob Lemon, ........ Died: June 14, 2018,  Cary, NC


Del R. Pulliam, ........ Died: Dec. 22nd, 2018, Naperville, IL

Obituary for Del Pulliam _____Tribute Page for Del Pulliam

Lt. Charles "Chuck" Van Cleve, ..... Died: Mar. 26, 2019, Newport, CA_______ __(Purple Heart & Silver Star)

Tribute Page to Chuck Van Cleve

Cloyd "Hutch" Hutchinson, ..... Died: April 13th, 2019, Kanosh, UT

Tribute Page to Cloyd Hutchinson

Alan L. Essex, ........ Died: April 29th, 2019, Defiance, OH

Tribute Page to Alan Essex

Lt. Charles "Chuck" Hawkins,..Died: Sep. 13th, 2019, Ninilchick, AK__________________ (Purple Heart & Silver Star)

Obituary for Chuck Hawkins.......... Tribute Page to Chuck Hawkins

Dave C. Simonds, ........ Died: March 17th, 2022, Canaan, CT

Tribute Page to Dave Simonds

Paul E. Bartee, ........ Died: January 5th, 2023, Houston, TX


Captain Isabellino Vazquez, ..... Died: January 7th, 2023, Del City, OK

Tribute Page to Captain Vazquez

Thurman C. Logsdon Jr. "Frogtown",...... Died: May 29th, 2023, Cleves, OH

Tribute Page to Thurman Logsdon

Robert "Bob" Tarbuck, ........ Died: July 24th, 2023, Apex, NC

Tribute Page to Bob Tarbuck

Charles "Chuck" Damron, ..... Died: November 25th, 2023, Springville, CA

Tribute Page to Chuck Damron

Lt. Alex Longridge, ..... Died: February 8th, 2024, Schulenburg, TX

Tribute Page to Alex Longridge

Lt. Bob Wallace, ..... Died: February 16th, 2024, Mulmur, Ontario Canada

Tribute Page to Bob Wallace

Captain Jeff Wilcox, ..... Died: March 11th, 2024, Saugatuck, MI

Tribute Page to Jeff Wilcox



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