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Sir, I apologize for the radio silence as of late. We have been hard at work training with METF (Mongolians) and Gurkhas. Things have definitely been "boring," more so than usual. The fighting season is close to an end, but not quite, so we're still expectant of something more happening before winter rolls around.

We finally got around to taking a new picture of the platoon for you. the picture includes (left to right):

Front: SFC Beauchamp (PSG), PFC Massa, PV2 Mendoza, CPL Sufra (1st ATL), and PFC Raines
Middle: PV2 Rogers, SSG Whenman (WSL/2nd SL), SPC Guzman (2nd ATL), SPC Shepherd (FO), SPC Johnson, PFC Russell (RTO, promoted to PFC immediately following this picture), SPC Boehm, 1LT McNeilly (PL)
Back: SGT Bockmier (1st BTL), SPC Watson, SPC Solórzano, SPC Mathias, SGT Hedge (1st SL), SPC Gilabert, SGT Quintana (2nd BTL)

You'll notice our task org is small. When we deployed we were told our mission set would require fewer PAX, so in addition to 6 PAX I lost to injury/legal issues, I lost another 5 PAX now serving in 1st and 2nd PLT. However, we fought to keep our best; while we lost one we really wanted to keep, the people represented in the picture earned their place there.

As for the needs here, I collected a list of things some of the guys were asking for (I kept their notes the way they wrote them so you could get a laugh out of it; (they're Infantrymen for sure):
- Real Beef Jerky, none of that Umberto's bulls**t. I want beef, not soy
- Big's Seeds, Ranch
- Sour Candy
- Hygiene stuff, especially Razors and Shaving Cream.  Gotta be tough with the scruff
- Recommended reads, military, philosophy, history, adventure
- Comic books
- Puzzle Books, Sudoku, Crosswords, I'm going insane
- Sketch Books and Wooden Pencils
- Hot Cheetos, the DFAC hasn't torn me up enough 
- Copenhagen, always more Copenhagen

Thanks for your continued correspondence, and for the continued support. _____________________________________________________
Send the above items to the following address; ___________________________________________________________________________
1LT McNeilly, Brian (3rd Platoon)
C Co, 2-506 IN
APO AE 09354



Over the Labor Day Weekend in September 2015 a core group of Charlie Company Afganistan Veterans headed up by Kerry Basset started a new Currahee tradition. They got together for their 1st Reunion in Toccoa Georgia, the birthplace of the 101st Airborne Divison. Not counting the 5 old Currahee Vietnam Vets on the right that showed up for support, here is the line-up that attended this 1st Reunion;

Kerry Bassett, Tony Garcia, Josh Williamson, Nick Fout, Chase Hamley, Josh Kemp, Chris Gildner, Josh Swink, Seth Vance, Chad Sears, Mike Hall, Charles Peifer, Tommy Vanier, Eric How, Dustin Simmons, Ezekiel Rivera, and Nate Weiss


A morning run to the "Top of Currahee Mountain" brings it all home. _Three generations of currahee veterans have now shown the world that the motto "Once a Currahee, Always a Currahee" is alive and well. _In each of the future reunions this core group will grow and grow. I believe that the "Torch has been Passed" and that time will reveal the true hearts of these young Vets. They have come together for the support and benefit of all. Come what may, "Currahees - Then, Now, & Always!"

Gary's Gilliam Report. . .

Over Labor Day weekend Charlie Company 2/506 2004-2009 had their first reunion attended by Kerry Bassett, Tony Garcia, Josh Williamson, Nick Fout, Chase Hamley, Josh Kemp, Chris Gildner, Josh Swink, Seth Vance, Chad Sears, Mike Hall, Charles Peifer, Tommy Vanier, Eric How, Dustin Simmons, Ezekiel Rivera, Nate Weiss, along with some of their significant others. 

Dave Simonds, Frank Matsko, Glenn Shuman, Bob Lister and I attended their first reunion and it was amazing.  They had 17 attend and 5 old Currahees crashed their party.  We were treated so amazing but we went with a mission to encourage them to join with us as we go to Ft Campbell next year as Charlie Company.

They ran up Currahee Mountain while we followed in the 4 wheel drive Yukon.  It was a hard run for them but we did shut off the AC so we could experience the hard climb to the top.  Currahee mountain is 3 miles up and 3 miles down I have to say we old Currahees hardly broke a sweat. 




Another chapter in the history of the Regiment is coming to a close when the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 506th Infantry Regiment (Currahee) returns home this Winter after its' most recent deployment in Afghanistan.

COL Valery C. Keaveny, Jr., Brigade Commander, is inviting all of us to Fort Campbell in order to celebrate the unit's return. Plans are being made for Currahee Rendezvous - 2014 to take place in March 2014. So far plans include an Open House at Brigade and all Battalion HQ's on Wednesday, March 12th and Thursday, March 13th; Also on Thursday, March 13th a Currahee Memorial Monument Rededication and a Distinguished Member of the Regiment (DMOR) Ceremony will be held. The grand finale will be on the evening of Friday, March 14th a Currahee Regimental Ball to be held at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville.

Job Well Done & Welcome Home!! . . . . We will see you in March!!



   Straight from Fort Campbell KY....The latest news and happenings right from the CO's Office.  The Company Commander desires to work closely with us Vietnam Veterans, and keep us informed on the most recent developments.  It is of great importance to all of the 2/506th members, past and present, that the Currahee Tradition of the older veterans supporting the active soldiers of today continues to stay strong.  Once a Currahee, Always a Currahee!  To that end, our website will begin to work closer and harder to keep you up to date.

   Just scroll down this page and have a look on what is happening now and how you can help the young men and their family's who are currently serving with the 2nd/506th Battalion.  What a great way to help out the Battalion and develop some really neat relationships.  Nothing can do more for your personel pride than to continue to work in the behalf of the unit that you served with.....

Currahee Flag presented to Charlie Co. on their depolyment.

CURRAHEE! 4th BCT - 101st AIRBORNE DIVISION deployment recap video

The defense of COP Margah: a story of valor:

Watch "C 506th" in action during this deployment (AKA Fox Co.) . . .

Fox Co., 2-506 PIR, air assault, northern Bermel, ...

Fox Co , 2-506 PIR, patrol in Baqer Kheyl, Afghanistan, ...

Fox Co., 2-506 PIR, patrol around Margah, Paktika, ...


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MAY 2011 . . . .From LTC Don Hill . . . .White Currahe Chronicle May 2011 . . . . Click Here To See PDF


30 Mar 2011: Cpt. David V. Schulz
Thanks so much for your continued support! The fine men of Fox Company continue to do great things for the nation and as the weather begin to improve, so does our operational tempo!  You can stop sending the hand and feet warmers, but please continue to send the snacks, energy bars/drinks, and tuna meals as they accompany us during our long walking patrols.  Coffee is also a luxury and our 'big' move is just about complete.  Thanks again for your continued support as we round out this long deployment


April 2011 . . . .From LTC Don Hill . . . .White Currahee Chronicle April 2011 . . . . Click Here To View PDF


Feb/Mar 2011 . . . .From LTC Don Hill . . . .White Currahee Chronicle Feb 2011 . . . . Click Here To View PDF



Jan 2011 . . . .A message from Capt. Shultz and the Company C (F) guys for Jan. . . ..Click Here To View PDF


Thank You!!!


High Country


We love you Guy's!!


Dec 2010 . . . .From LTC Don Hill . . . White Currahee Chronicle DEC issue III



Dec 2010 . . . .Currahee Vets,


______I trust this note finds you enjoying a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to a spectacular New Year!  I want to apologize for taking so long in tendering my thanks on behalf of the entire 1st Platoon for the wonderful goodies you have collected and sent to us.   We have enjoyed them immensely!!


Just to give you an update on the guys, 1st Platoon is finally 100% deployed in theatre.   Several guys, including myself, were late deployer’s due to schools (Ranger School in my case) or dwell time.   We were the force protection platoon for a couple months but have finally begun running our own missions.   Despite being on force pro for the first part of the deployment, many members of the platoon have already distinguished themselves.   A detachment from 1st was involved in the 30 October battle at COP Margah in which 50 or so Americans killed around 120 insurgents who attacked the COP.   Our Weapons Squad Leader distinguished himself in the battle and was awarded the “Silver Star” by Gen. Petreaus.   Several other members of the platoon received valor awards.   Our platoon also has the highest number of Purple Hearts in the Company, although, thankfully, they are all for relatively minor injuries.   I continually remind the platoon that this is not a record we prefer to hold.   However, it does demonstrate the unflinching bravery of the men of 1st Platoon who will risk their safety to close with and engage the enemy.


Next month, the platoon will be running missions out of COP Margah, in the northern part of our Company’s battle-space.   Mail is sporadic out there but I do have a few requests to pass on from the boys should you send another package during the winter.   The guys love catching up on the latest news, sports statistics, and pop culture via magazines.   They are also partial to items such as gum, M&Ms, and any other snacks portable enough to take on mission.   Some of the guys have become almost addicted to the little instant coffee packets as well because they can carry it with them on a multi-day patrol.   With the cold winter setting in, hand and toe warmers are also a God-send.   They guys use them not only to keep their extremities warm, but to ensure the doc’s medical supplies don’t freeze during the night.


I will send some photos of the platoon as soon as I can get them off my camera and you are welcome to share them with friends and fellow Currahees.  We have a great group of men, tough in a fight, brutally honest with each other, willing to sacrifice everything for a brother in arms, and always ready with a smile or joke to ease the aches of a long patrol.  No matter what annoyances or admin problems I deal with during deployment, I count it the greatest honor and privilege to be able to lead and fight with these men.


Thank you so much for your faithful support and care for the men of 1st Platoon.  The battle cry of the regiment is “Currahee!”  –  “Stands Alone!”  However, with the support of faithful our friends back home, we know that we are never truly alone.


From the boys of 1st Platoon – Thank you all very much and have a Merry Christmas and Great New Years!!!


Currahee!!!          1LT Andrew Campbell, 1st Platoon Leader



Dec 2010 . . . .Here are some recent pictures of 1st PLT.   Please feel free to pass these along to the rest of our friends and supporters back home. Thanks.


1LT Andrew Campbell

1st PLT, F Co, 2-506IN


1st Platoon



19 Dec 2010 . . . . Fox Company wishes everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving and a very Merry Christmas!!!
We have been extremely busy fighting off the bad guys and building our lil Combat Outpost. We are very thankful for having your support. The boys had a blast celebrating with our extended families in combat.

Thank you again for everything and we wish you all Happy Holidays.   Currahee!, Capt. David V. Schulz



Nov 2010 . . . .From LTC Don Hill . . . White Currahee Chronicle NOV issue II



Nov 16 2010 . . . .Thanks so much for your support! We have been very busy and it's starting to get cold here. We really appreciate all the goodies and snacks and personal hygiene stuff you send us.  Please keep sending us microwavable foods, Cup-O-Noodle soups, Tuna-in-a-Box, Ritz Crackers, Gummy Bears, Sour Patch Kids, Coffee (we looove our coffee), Creamer, Sugar, Splenda, Honey Buns, Gum, Music CDs, DVDs, Nuts, Crackers, Laundry Detergent, Baby-Wipes and hygiene items!  Oh and since our living and cooking is very rudimentary, please send us some spices, marinades, and hand mirrors so that we can shave!


Thanks again and please check out our recent web pages below (as you will see, we've been busy!):



OCT 2010 . . . . . White Currahee Chronicle Newsletter on their status in Afghanista


SEP 2, 2010 . . . Coalition Forces Repel Insurgent Attack

. . . . . . . . . . . .International Security Assistance Force Joint Command News Release


WASHINGTON, DC, September 2, 2010 - Coalition forces repelled an insurgent attack in the Bermel District of Paktika Province after a failed attack on Combat Outpost Margah.

The attack began in the early morning with insurgent small arms and indirect fire against the outpost. Soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 187th Infantry Regiment and 2nd Battalion, 506th Infantry Regiment responded to the attack with mortars and small-arms fire before calling for support from Task Force Viper, 1st Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment.
Aircraft conducted two passes over the area, killing at least 20 insurgents in two separate engagements. No coalition or Afghan forces were injured in the attack.


CNN: US Soldiers Fend off Attack : 3-1/4 minute Video; about C Company



SEP 2010 . . . . . Your "packages from home" mean a great deal in the life of a soldier on the front lines.



Currahee Flag

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Thank You All

The Leadership

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