Challenge Coins that have been presented to us........

Here below, are some photos of several "Challenge Coins" that have been presented to our veterans group....

While we were at the Currahee Rendezvous 2011 to welcome home the 4th BCT Brigade from their year long deployment in Afganistan. We had an opportunity to have a Charlie Company Dinner at the local Olive Garden. LTC Don Hill and Capt. Chris Tanner (the new Co. C Commander) joined us for the fun and festivities. What a great time we had! LTC Don Hill presented each of us with a set of "Airmobile Combat Wings" and said that we not only earned them in combat, we were one of the first Airmobile Units in history, we wrote the book that they use today on Airmobile Assaut Tatics. And later on that evening, Capt. Chris Tanner presented us with their brand new Challenge Coin for the 2010/2011 Deployment. During the Deployment, they were know as "Fox Co." Here is a Front & Back photo of it.

2010-2011 Coin (Front) _____2010-2011 Coin (Back)


In 2010, we had our Charlie Company Reunion at Harrisburg PA in late July. This was in conjunction with the 506th Association Reunion and we had largest company group by far. A total of 28 men come out, many for their first time. After 40+ years, it was great guys pickup conversations like it was yesterday. The 506th along with the rest of the 4th BCT were on their way to Afganistan for a year long deployment. The actual 506th Colors (Flags) were brought up from Ft. Campbell for our Ceremony Dinner. Major Bradd Shultz and his team of young Currahee's did an excellent job at Harrisburg and we had a lot of fun with them. During our Charlie Company Dinner, Ret. Col. Bob Steitz presented each of us Veterans with a 2nd 506th "Band of Brothers" Challenge Coin. Here are some photos of it.

Harrisburg Coin (Front) _______Harrisburg Coin (Back)


During the WOE 2009 Weekend, at a dinner hosted by Ret. Col. Bob Seitz at Charlie's Steakhouse (isn't that name appropriate). We were presented this 506th Battalion Challenge Coin by LTC Don Hill the current Commander of the 506th 4th BCT.  In early 2008, the Regiment once again deployed, this time to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom as part of Task Force Currahee.  During its relatively short history, the 506th has fought in three wars on two continents, participating in sixteen campaigns.  Each of these honors serves as a district reminder of the unit’s proud heritage, and its dedication to the preservation of freedom.  These coins were brand new at that point in time and they hadn't been presented out to the Battalion members yet, we were first to receive them....What an honor for a group of old Currahee's. This "Battalion Coin" is a large one measuring a full 2 3/8" in diameter. Here are front and back photos of it.



Here is a Company Challenge Coin presented to us at Fort Campbell by the Charlie Company 1st Sgt. Kerry Bassett during the Rendezvous 2009 in late May. This was their homecoming celibration from Afghanistan and it was great to see them back home from a dangerous mission. Top Bassett has since moved on to another duty station at Fort Benning.  We all wish him and his family the best, Once a Currahee, Always a Currahee we look forward to seeing him again!   This "Company Coin" measures 2" in diameter. Here are photos of the front and back of it.



This below is a 101st Airborne "IRAQI FREEDOM" Challenge Coin was presented to me from my nephew Matt Mitchell for his tour of duty in Iraqi with the 101st.  It also measures 2" in diameter. He gave it to me for safe keeping and I will save it for him and his kids....



Here are a couple of Challenge Coins courtesy of our 3rd Platoon Brother, Jack Wilhite in Missouri


Double Eagle Coin ______


A Challenge Coin courtesy of Mike Womack that was presented by Major General Ben L. Harrison to the Ripcord Association Members for their service at FSB Ripcord during the Battle for Ripcord.

Ripcord Coin 2         Ripcord Coin 1


Courtesy of Mike Womack, The Challenge Coin from the 1/506 was given to me (Mike Womack) by the Battalion Commander when I was Commander of our local VFW Post.  We raised funds and purchased calling cards which I sent to Korea to the 1/506 (since at that time the 2/506 was still deactivated) and the 1/503.  I was with the 1/503 which was part of the 3rd Brigade, 101st at Fort Campbell in the mid to late 70's.  1/506 and 1/503 were part of the 2nd Inf. Div. in the 1990's.


RVN Ribbon____          _____Air Medal Ribbon_____          ____Bronze Star Ribbon


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