In Memory of SSG (E6) Thomas H. Herndon ........  2nd Platoon Sergeant


Thomas H. Herndon, SSG (E6) KIA July 2nd, 1970 in Thua Thien, RVN           Cause: Hostile Action, Small Arms Fire on Hill 902                                            _   Born: January 13, 1949 in St. Joseph, MI                                                               Vietnam Memorial Wall Coordinates:  Panel 09W, Line 111

Note: Tom Herndon was promoted by the 2nd Platoon Leader, Lt. Jim Campbell to the position of Staff Sergeant E6 (SSG) just prior to his death. Unfortuntly the promotional paperwork in the rear area was never finalized before his death. Here on the Charlie Company Website we want to give Tom the full recognition that he justly earned.

Sgt. Herndon first served under me as a buck sergeant and squad leader in the second platoon of Charlie Company. He had attended and graduated from the NCO school at Ft. Benning. Sometime in late May or early June I promoted him to the rank of E-6 Staff Sergeant at which time he became the platoon sergeant of the second platoon of Charlie Company. He served in this position until he was killed at Hill 902 in the early morning of July 2, 1970.

He was a superb soldier and leader.   Lt. Jim Campbell


"Thank you brother for a job well done".  Until we meet again my friend ..... "Currahee"......"Stands Alone"

Charlie Company 2016 Memorial for our Brother Thomas H. Herndon

A memorial team made up of Roland (SGT Chris) Christiansen, John Fowler, Glenn Green, Glenn Shuman, Jerry Minahan, Ronny Middlebrook and Gary Gilliam held two memorials on Saturday September 10th at Batesville AR and Doniphan MO. The team was joined by Pam Christiansen, Clara Green, Laura Minahan, Nancy Middlebrook and Debbie Gilliam, wives of the memorial team.  ______________
The memorial for SSG Thomas Herndon was held at 12PM Noon at the Oak lawn Cemetery in Batesville AR. Those in attendance were Mrs. Emma Herndon, the mother of SGT Herndon and a niece Dana Humes, both had flown in from St Joseph Michigan upon learning of the planned memorial.  There were cousins and many friends that came to support the family and remember a dear friend.  ______________
The ceremony began with an invocation from Rev. Aaron Maxwell of Ramsey Heights Baptist Church Batesville and a lifelong friend of Gary Gilliam.  Charlie Company was then introduced as each placed their coin on the headstone. John Fowler then presented Mrs. Herndon with the plaque which read "SSG Thomas Herndon - Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his brothers" as John reached to shake Emma's hand, she reached out and gave him a big mother's hug.  Roland Christiansen then presented Mrs. Herndon the 101st Eagle emblem and he also received a big mother's embrace as they shared that moment of remembrance of her son's love of his unit.  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
A close friend of Tom's father and the family, Charlie Brewer, played "The Soldiers Song" on his harmonica which was beautiful and peaceful as the crowd of 60 people silently listened. The poem reading "A Soldiers Reflection" and "Live Brother Live" were read relating the life of when we were brothers serving together in Vietnam and now, how we live to remember our fallen brothers. SGT Roland Christiansen recalled Hill 902 battle and how Charlie Company over came and survived a vicious attack thanks to men like SGT Herndon and the brave men who fought so courageous in the early morning hours of July 2, 1970.  He then called Charlie Company to attention, and we presented arms as Taps was played honoring our fallen brother SSG Thomas Herndon. ____________________________________________________________
We asked Mrs. Herndon to speak and she thanked everyone for coming out and for continuing to remember her son Tom.  She then said that all she wanted to do was hug each of her new sons who had come to remember their brother.  She gave each of us a mothers hug as she went down the row of old Currahees who were overtaken by such love. We then posed together with a picture of Emma and her newly acknowledged sons.  In the moment Ronny Middlbrook jokingly told Emma; his new mother, "my birthday is in December" which caused everyone to break into laughter.  (see the picture) ________________________________________________________________________ _____
A county commissioner then asked if we could sing the Star Spangled Banner after all tomorrow would be 9-11.  We sang and it was a good ending of a beautiful memorial. ___________________________________________________________________________________
We visited with many of the family for several minutes and then we headed for the next memorial in Doniphan MO 2 hours away.
Thanks to all who joined to make this event so memorable.



To our fallen Brother! We will never forget you. . "Together, Then, Now, & Always!!"

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