In Memory of Rodney G. Moore........ 3rd Platoon


A "Currahee Brother" who passed in September of 2006. We invite Currahee Brothers which were friends of his and knew him well to make some comments.

"Thank you brother for a job well done".  Until we meet again my friend ..... "Currahee"......"Stands Alone"

Rodney G. Moore,  57 Years Old _________________________________ Born: January 17, 1949 in Greenfield, MA___________________________ Died in September 7, 2006 in Clarksburg, MA ___L______________________________

Rodney Moore

It was kind of strange that a Hispanic kid from Texas and a kid from New England would become friends half way around the world in a place called Vietnam. We met at Camp Evans rear area. Me being a "vet" of the bush for all of 3 months. He was surprised that a kid from Texas was a big fan of the Boston Celtics. He being from North Adams, Massachusetts. I became his RTO, he the "shake and bake E-5" in charge. We were a good team until July 7th on Hill 707. Everything happened so quickly, but I can remember  Sgt. Moore making sure that I get on the medivac first. He was wounded worse than I was. That was the type of person he was. Always looking out for his men first. I miss him very much. We got together back in the world twice. Holly, his wife, has friends and family in Texas. It was so great to visit over a few cold ones and looking at photos of our time in Vietnam. "Currahee" My Brother, till we meet again. Ruben Yanez, Austin TX



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