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Marke Glover ..... 61

Died: Feb. 14th, 2011 in West Terre Haute, IN

Born: Oct. 26, 1949 in Terre Haute, IN


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Mark Glover 61 of West Terre Haute, IN passed away on 2-14-2011 at his residence. He was born on 10-26-1949 in Terre Haute to Mary Alice Buffo and Richard Glover. He was in the Army during the Vietnam War with the 101st AIRBORNE. He was a member of the N.R.A. Marke had retired from Simonton Windows, and was a graduate of Clinton High School in 1969.

He was preceded in death by a brother Mike Glover and his father Richard Glover. He was loved by his two dogs, Barney and Punk. Survived by his mother Mary Alice Buffo, daughter Jamie Jo Gore, a brother Dom Buffo, sister Jennie Gruner and husband Mark, Cheryl Cockran and husband Dave, grandsons Jason Gore II, Jayden Gore and several nieces, nephews aunts and uncles.

Services were at Mattox-Wood Funeral Home and Crematory. Officiating Ken Tilford.  Per his wishes, cremation was scheduled.


Gary Gilliam 5/24/2011_________Contact with Marke Family

I was able to make contact and get some information on Marke Glover’s mother and I am working on locating his daughter in Texas.

I talked to his mom, Mary Buffo, today for almost an hour. She was so appreciative that we are making the effort to give our condolences to the family.

We spoke of many things:

Marke had a bad heart, having a heart attack several years ago. He had surgery and had stints, an artificial aorta in his heart, and veins in his legs. He had been going to VA to have check ups and during February he kept missing his appointments at Indianapolis VA because of blizzards.  He was known to lay low and not call sometimes for a few days, living by himself. But when he didn’t call to go to VA appointment his mother and sister tried to get in contact by phone. After a few days of not hearing from him his sister went to check, calling her husband when neighbors said they were concerned because they hadn’t seen him in a few days and his vehicle was still parked in drive. No one would answer door she called her husband who broke a window and found Marke sitting on the couch, TV on and still holding a burnt out cigarette.  He died peacefully of what they think was a heart attack. They believe he had been dead for a few days and thus cremation.

Marke never talked of anything that happened in Viet Nam, but did tell of the unit he was with to any who would listen at the VFW. He was very proud of his unit and did share his feelings toward the 101st Airborne with family.

He shared the visit that Debbie (my wife), Bob von Almen and I had with him last year and was so proud of his coin and the 101st Airborne hat that was given to him; which was his pride and joy. His mother said the visit was all he talked about for some time and he wouldn’t take the hat off. She said that his 101st Airborne hat was so precious to him that it now sets on top of his ashes at his mother’s home in Clinton Indiana.

I told her many of you want to send cards, letters, and phone calls to her and she was so pleased and excited to hear how much her son meant to the men of Charlie company.

She is planning to bury Marke as soon as they have a sale of his things at his house and get enough money to buy his plot next to his father.  I have asked her to contact me when they plan the burial so I can attend. I will let everyone know in case any wants to join me.

She is a wonderful woman; who loved her son with a mother’s love and very easy to have a conversation.  She asks you to please call if you can; she would love to talk to those who were friends of her son Marke and understood what he went through after coming home.

Marke's Mother Address and contact information:

Mary Buffo
1056 Anderson St.
Clinton, IN 47842______Phone: 765-832-6493


Gary Gilliam 5/20/2011
I just learned today of the death of our brother. We served together with Charlie Company 2nd Battalion of the 506th Infantry Brigade, 101st Airborne Division. He was a great friend and fearless soldier. We were able to meet last year for the first time after 40 years. I was proud to present him a Commander’s Coin from his Company Commander, COL Bob Seitz, for his excellent service with C/2/506 Infantry, 101st Airborne Division. He told me he hoped to join his old infantry unit in November of this year in Ft Campbell at the home of the 101st Airborne Division.

The news of Mark's death saddens all of his brothers from Charlie Company!


Randy Parmley 5/23/2011

Marke Glover was a very unique person, besides being a great soldier under the pressure of a fire-fight, he was fiercely loyal to his friends and Unit. As Marke's Squad Leader, and you couldn't have asked for a finer soldier on your team. There were several times when in the heat of the fight, Marke would just take-off chasing the enemy and we had to jump out to stop him. In fact, when I first read of Marke passing, I just sat there reading it over and over again, and in a flash-back moment thinking to myself, "there he goes again". "Dammit Glover, quit jumping out ahead of the rest of us". I was really looking forward to seeing him again. Oh well, guess I will have to wait a little longer to put my foot in his butt!__ "Marke, little brother, you will be missed at our reunions".

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