In Memory of Kenneth "Kenny" Manning........ 1st Platoon


A "Currahee Brother" who passed on May 3rd, 1979. We invite Currahee Brothers which were friends of his and knew him well to make some comments.

"Thank you brother for a job well done".  Until we meet again my friend ..... "Currahee"......"Stands Alone"

Kenneth Manning,  Died on May 3rd, 1979 in Lima, OH

Ken is buried in his hometown of Middletown, Ohio

Kenny Manning

Most of us have heard the old saying “The Good Die Young”. It was never so true as in the case of Kenny Manning. He was a good friend to all of us in Charlie Company 2nd of the 506th, a good soldier, and a fun person to be around. Kenny liked to carry the M60 and I had the privilege of serving as assistant gunner on many occasions.  He was strong and courageous. _______________________________________
Once while walking point. I walked into a patch of wait-a-minute vines. I was busy trying to untangle myself at the same time the LT was letting us know we were holding up the column.  Kenny bulled his way through the vines leaving a good portion of his skin behind. He insisted on walking point for the rest of the day with his M60. That was Kenny, always trying to help, always going the extra mile for his friends. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
During the monsoon season we were in the field on a mountain. It was pitch dark at nightfall and was raining hard . The word was no hootches so we were lying in the mud. I started shaking uncontrollably. It was probably 70 degrees but hypothermia was causing me to shake. Kenny wrapped us up in a poncho and held me until I was warm again. Naturally, we didn’t mention this to anyone or each other, He was like a brother to me and many others. Now I look at his photo and I see a young man who didn’t get to live his life. _______________ ______________ _____________________________________________________________________________________
A lot of us exchanged phone numbers before we left the 101st.  I tried calling him and his sister informed me of the tragedy of losing Kenny. He died of a brain hemorrhage just a few years after he got back from Vietnam. He was just walking down the street when he collapsed and died.  What a terrible loss for the world but I suppose you always say that about a really “Good” person. _________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________
I’ve included a picture of Kenny standing in a bunker on FSB O’Reilly. __ Pat Germany

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