In Memory of SP4 Carl B. (Punkin) Goodson ........  1st Platoon

A "Currahee Brother" who was killed in action (KIA). We invite Currahee Brothers which were friends of his and knew him well to make some comments.

Carl B. Goodson, SP4, ... KIA April 6th, 1970 in Thua Thien Province, RVN Cause: In Action Hostile Action, Fragmentation Wounds ____ ________ _Born: October 14, 1948 in Cedar Grove, WV _________________________   Vietnam Memorial Wall Coordinates:  W12, Line 101


Fallen Vietnam Veteran, Carl Goodson honored by his Fellow Soldiers in Cedar Grove, WV


Standing L to R: Dave Simonds, Bob Lister, Glenn Green, Bob Smoker, Gary Gilliam. In Front Kneeling L to R: Chris Christiansen, Glenn Shuman, Frank Matsko

Charlie Company had a team of 9 men from 6 states participate in the memorial for Carl B. (Punkin) Goodson in Cedar Grove WV.  It was a warm beautiful day and by the time that Charlie company arrived at noon the cemetery was filled with friends and family. We prepared the grave site for the memorial as family and friends continued to arrive. By 1:00PM there were over 100 people ready to honor Carl's memory.

The cemetery was on a steep slope as Charlie Company Memorial team began the program with the National Anthem sung by Gregg Boggs, Bob Smoker gave the invocation prayer. A councilman from Cedar Grove welcomed everyone to the memorial to remember a young man everyone knew growing up in Cedar Grove.  Gary Gilliam told why after 48 years have we arrived to remember and honor Carl.  Bob Lister read the poem "A soldier's reflection" telling of a soldiers life in Vietnam, Kit Glaser a cousin of Carl told of growing up with Carl and a few others told of their life with Carl.  LT. Lombard told of the story leading up to Ripcord and Bob Smoker told of his time with Carl in Vietnam and read the letter from John Fowler to the family.  Dave Simonds presented two plaques to Carl's brothers wife Brenda, Carl's closest living relative.  Glenn Green presented the 101st Eagle Emblem and the Currahee Crest to family. 

At that point, Charlie Company was called to attention "ROLL CALL" as each name was called a loud "HERE SERGEANT" rang out as each team member replied.  SGT Christiansen then called the name "Carl Goodson" pause, "CARL B. GOODSON" pause, "SPC4 CARL B. GOODSON" rang across the quiet valley with another pause, then Frank Matsko called out "HE IS HERE SERGEANT; HE LIVES IN US".  Glenn Shuman then read the poem Live Brother Live as each soldier made their way and placed a coin on Carl's headstone, once finished Glenn place his coin, followed by SGT Christiansen.

SGT Christiansen then called Charlie Company to attention and ordered honor guard to take over.  The National Guard Rifle Team of seven performed three volleys in a "21 Gun Salute" and it was as precise as any I have seen, followed by the playing of Taps.  The American Legion honor team then did a flag presentation and presentation Brenda Goodson the widow of Carl's only sibling Vernon "Bud" Goodson.

The service was concluded with a presentation to the family by Senator Joe Manchin of WV representative Brian Aluise.  SGT Christiansen thanked everyone for coming out to help us remember our young fallen brother SPC 4 Carl B. Goodson. The team was then provided a delicious lunch by family and friends.

The family was very thankful for the memorial and I am so glad to have been there with the team to provide this honor.  They were a very close family and truly have never forgotten their young soldier.  I would like to thank all those Charlie Company who joined the team honor of fallen brother.



Local Vietnam Veteran, Carl Goodson to be honored by his fellow Soldiers in Cedar Grove, WV


A memorial service for Vietnam veteran Army SPC. 4 Carl B. (Punkin) Goodson of Cedar Grove will begin at 1 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 29, at his graveside at the Ward Cemetery near his Upper Kanawha Valley hometown. Many of his fellow soldiers from his Army unit will attend the memorial service, coming from Connecticut, Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Oklahoma and Virginia, to pay their respects.__________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Goodson, the son of Vernon and Dortha Goodson and brother of Vernon Goodson Jr. of Cedar Grove, served in the Charlie Company 2nd 506th Infantry Battalion, 101st Airborne Division in 1969 and 1970. “It has been 48 years since the death of SPC. 4 Carl B. Goodson, and the Charlie Company Memorial Team is planning to hold a memorial for our brother who died in the early afternoon of April 6, 1970,” Gary Gilliam, an organizer of the memorial, explained. “We want the family and friends to know Carl is not forgotten. We invite family, friends and classmates who would like to pay tribute at the memorial to join us on Sept. 29 at the gravesite in Ward Cemetery.” _________
A resident of Potosi, Missouri, Gilliam said local chapters of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion and other veterans’ and military organizations are invited to participate in the tribute to Goodson. Gilliam also detailed Goodson and his division’s nearly-50-year history. Charlie Company was stationed in 1970 in the mountainous region of the northernmost province of South Vietnam, he said.
“Charlie Company was unique, as the men created a brotherhood which would continue over the next 48 years,” Gilliam explained. “In 2005, 35 years after serving Charlie Company, one of our men received a phone call from his commanding officer when he was in Vietnam, Capt. Bob Seitz, asking him to come to Washington, D.C., on Memorial Day to lay a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery for their fallen brothers. “Since that time,” Gilliam said, “they have located over 100 men who served in Charlie Company during that year. Annual reunions began in 2007 and continue today. _______________________________________________________________________
“In September 2015, five Charlie Company men made a journey to Augusta, Georgia, to visit the gravesite of SFC. Domenic Smigliani, who was their platoon leader and a father figure to the men of Charlie Company 2nd Platoon. Domenic had died on July 27, 1971, and this was the first time anyone from their unit had visited his grave site. “While there, it became evident that they needed to continue this act and made a commitment to visit more of their brothers’ graves. They shared their commitment with all of their brothers from Charlie Company and formed a memorial team that has now traveled across the country visiting 17 of the 25 gravesites of Charlie Company 1970-71 fallen brothers.” Gilliam said Charlie Company has one brother in arms, Stephen Harber, still listed as Missing in Action.
Goodson became part of the Charlie Company 2nd Battalion 506th Infantry Regiment 101st Airborne Division in October 1969 and grew close to those with whom he served, Gilliam added. “He was a brave, young soldier who died serving the country he loved. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Carl was part of the Battle of Firebase Ripcord. The elements of this battle began as the 101st Airborne Division began the effort to reopen the strategic firebase (Ripcord) located overlooking the infamous A Shau Valley in March and ended July 22,” Gilliam said. “With almost continual daily contact throughout the campaign, on April 6 on Hill 927, 25 miles west of the city of Hue. Carl, along with his brothers Larry Christman and Steve Steward of Charlie Company, fought bravely to hold their position to protect Firebase Ripcord against an overwhelming force of the North Vietnamese Army. “After two brutal hours of battle, these three brave soldiers gave their lives to save the lives of their brothers of Charlie Company,” Gilliam said. “Over the next four months, Charlie Company would lose 19 men leading to siege on Firebase Ripcord. Carl and his fallen brothers would become part one of the most deadly battles of South Vietnam. ____________
“We have many stories of how families got to hear their loved one was surrounded by friends in that distant war and were loved as a brother by soldiers who fought by their side. Where we came from or ethnicity meant nothing; we were bound by a friendship forged in the mountain jungles of Vietnam. I think it is so meaningful to know they were not alone and most important is they are never forgotten. After 48 years, their name is still called out at our memorial dinner every year,” Gilliam said. “We are doing this because we want others to never forget their ultimate sacrifice.”

"Thank you brother for a job well done".  Until we meet again my friend ..... "Currahee"......"Stands Alone"

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