"DMOR, Do Van Hap" 2nd Platoon Kit Carson Scout

The first "Non-American" in 506th history to ever receive a DMOR Award


Initially, when we sent this DMOR nomination in, I talked to both the Currahee Battalion Commanders and told them Hap was on our company roster, and assigned to Charlie Company, as they thought his nomination should be an Honorary Member, vs. Distinguished Member, because he was not actually an “American Soldier”.  So it when from Ft Campbell to Dept of the Army and again, it was challenged, so I was on the phone again, and also convinced them that Hap, though Vietnamese, was ‘officially’ assigned to Charlie Company and fully deserved to be an Distinguished Member of the Regiment……glad it all worked out.   Bob Seitz

"Red Currahee" was honored to have members of the 506th Infantry Regiment Association visit our Battalion this morning. Mr. Gary Gilliam accepted the nomination for "Distinguished Member of the 506th Infantry Regiment" on behalf of Mr. Do Von Hap. Mr. Do Von Hap was nominated, and approved, in recognition of his exemplary combat service in the Vietnam War.

Do Von Hap served in the Chiêu Hồi Program, after defecting from the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) and aligning with the Republic of South Vietnam, as a Kit Carson Scout. Hap was assigned to 2nd Platoon of Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion 506th Infantry and quickly became an extremely valuable member for the rifle platoon. Hap understood the area of operations better than any American soldier because of his experiences with the NVA in these mountains prior to joining our company. During the continuous combat faced by 2nd Battalion 506th Infantry during the Firebase Ripcord and Lam Son 719 campaigns in the jungle covered mountains near the DMZ with North Vietnam, Hap provided invaluable information about the terrain and NVA combat tactics. His extensive knowledge of NVA tactics and navigating through the dense jungle genuinely saved the lives of many of Charlie Company soldiers. We would like to share and preserve the legacy of the brave men that have served in the 506th, men like Mr. Do Von Hap!

The DMOR Ceremony was scheduled to be held Thursday May 21st 2020, but was cancelled due to COVID-19.  When LTC Farmer learned we were at Ft Campbell for the Memorial Paver installation, he asked us, Glenn Shuman and myself,  to come to the 1/506 Headquarters.  When we arrived he informed us that he wanted to present the men of Charlie Company the DMOR of Mr. Do Von Hap.  Hap would become the 1st non-American in 506th history to ever receive a DMOR Award.  Glenn and I accepted the DMOR in behalf of Do Von Hap.

Do Von Hap faithfully served with Charlie Company from 1969 until the unit stand down and colors cased in December 1971.  Hap joined us a Kit Carson Scout through the Chiêu Hồi program. He was the most loyal and trustworthy of all the scouts. Hap was always watching out for us and advising us of possible bad situations that we were blindly walking into.  He saved many US Soldier lives through his extensive knowledge of the operations and tactics of the NVA.  Hap received several Purple Hearts during his service with Charlie Company and always eagerly returned to us upon his recovery.

Hap was a true friend to many of those whom he served with through the years.  Steve Bago and Rolland "Chris" Christiansen even attended his wedding in 1970.  He had endless questions about our lives in America.  He was amazed to hear of our homes, cars, buildings.  Hap loved to see pictures from our families and listened carefully to every story of our homes. Some of us had opportunity to be invited to his home outside of Camp Evans that he built from ammo crates and pallets. His house even had shutters to resemble our homes back in America.  Hap loved his Currahee Brothers and served us with the utmost honor.  This award is so very deserving of this wonderful man.   Gary Gilliam


Photos of Do Von Hap serving with the 2nd Platoon Members during our tour of duty in South Vietnam.





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