Charlie Company Store: Currahee Brothers, you are going to love this!!


Demostrate your unit pride in being a Charlie Company Veteran and help us to raise some funds for our Company Operating Fund and Website expenses. We have especially created several items as seen below centering around our Charlie Company Logo. These are available now upon your request. And we are working on other new items to add to our listing. Keep checking back here!

The "Charlie Company Challenge Coin"

A "Beautifully Made" 2.0" diameter Challenge Coin with our Charlie Co. Logo on the Front Side, and the Back Side has a large "Vietnam Combat Veteran" around the rim, along with the nicely embossed "Air Assualt Wings", "Combat Infantry Badge (CIB)", and the "Vietnam Service Campaign Ribbon".

We are asking $12.00 each for these Challenge Coins. Buy a few and pass them out to your Kids and Friends.

Note: We will need to add a $5.00 Shipping Fee per Order (not per item, per order) to help us offset our costs.

The "Charlie Company Hat or Lapel Pins "

A very sharply detailed 1.0" Charlie Company Logo Hat / Lapel Pin. You will be proud to ware this quality pin anywhere you go. Either as a hat pin or as a lapel pin on your finest suit jacket for those special dress-up occasions. Your Unit pride will be displayed for all to see.

We are asking $8.00 each for these Pins. _Buy several, how many hats do you have??

The "Charlie Company Logo Window Decal"

A very nice high quality, long lasting 3 5/8" diameter vinyl Charlie Company Logo self-sticking window or Bumper Decal.__ I have already had many comments made on the one on my car window. They really stand out and get noticed.

We are asking $5.00 each for these Decals.

The "Charlie Company Logo Iron-On Patches "

We are now offering three embroidered iron-on patches of our Charlie Company Logo, the Charlie Spade, and 2nd Battalion Spade. These can easily be placed onto Hats, Shirts, Jackets, Vests, or anything that is a materail backing. You are going to love these! These come in two sizes, the Charlie Co Logo is a 2 3/4" diameter, the Charlie Co Spade is 2 3/4" tall, and the 2nd Battalion Spade is 1 1/2" Tall.

Price: The Charlie Co Logo is $5.00 each, The Charlie Co Spade is $5.00 each, and the 2nd Battalion Spade is $3.00 each. We will require a $3.00 Shipping Fee on each order.

Charlie Patches

Iron-On Instructions, Six Simple Steps: See the photos below;

The "Charlie Company Logo Baseball Cap"



A nice high quality, tan polyester Cap with the emboriered Charlie Company Logo front and centered. These will go petty quickly, so don't wait, order yours right away. I have already had many great comments made on the one on one that I wear.

We are asking $20.00 each for these Baseball Caps.


How To Place Your Orders In:

To place your orders, just send a order email to Randy Parmley at:

In the email, please be clear on the quanity desired for each item and a total amount for the order, Also in the email, provide us a good current shipping address, and a current phone number in case any questions come up. Please be sure to add the $5.00 shipping cost to your order. Then prepare and mail a personal check for the amount of your order to:

Randy Parmley 29625 Monte Verde Rd. Temecula, CA 92591

(Other payment methods can also be arranged if needed, Call Randy at 951-595-3818)



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