Battalion Headquarters Personel

Battalion Commanders: LTC Andre Lucas (KIA), followed by LTC Bard, followed by LTC Joe Bellochi, followed by LTC Varner

______Here is a PDF provided by the 4th BCT. __2nd 506th Battalion Commanders

Battalion Operations Officer S3: Major Frank Willoughby followed by Major Perry

Battalion Assistant S3:  Lt. Warren, followed by ILT Bob Seitz, followed by LT Boyd

Fire Support Officer:  Captain Flowers

Battalion Intell Officer S2:  ILT Bob St. Onge

Senior TOC NCO:  SFC Grady Thomas

Battalion Night Duty Officer:  LT. James M. "Mike" Flannery

Battalion RTO's:  Murphy, Doug Langen, Doug Olson, David Kish, and several others

Photos . . . . Courtesy of Mike Womack


Battalion Officers in Mid- June of 1970

Battalion Officers


RVN Ribbon______          ___Air Medal Ribbon______          ___Bronze Star Ribbon


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