3rd Platoon

Leadership & Organization;

Officers (Lt.): Lt. Jim Campbell, Lt. Ken Pitetti, Lt. Alex Longridge, Lt. John Madden, Lt. Caracoza, Lt. Lenny Moore

NCO's & Squad Leaders: Sgt. Simmons, Sgt. Fritz, Sgt. Spradlin, Sgt. De LaVega, Sgt. Wally Rose

Platoon Medic's: Doc Joe O'Donald

Platoon Members: Joel Aviles, Paul Burke, Frank Bort, David Corradetti, Mario De LaVega, Ron Essex, Dennis "Fig" Figley, Glenn Green, Ray Hulanick, ? Hulsey, Cloyd Hutchinson, Chet Lucas, Alex Longridge,John Madden, Doug Mayhugh, Jerry Minahan, Gary Mountcastle, Eddie McMullin, Manuel Paradez, Joe O'Donald, Ken Pitetti, Ronny Middlebrook, Del Pulliam, Jim Roesch, Dan Rogers, Bobby Rohan, Wally Rose, Charles Schluter, Seyit "Micky" Aldas, Dave Simonds, Manuel Solis, Dan (Smitty) Smith, Bill Tipton, Frank Vought, Tom Weides, Jack Wilhite, Mike Womack

Kit Carson Scout: Leo

Photos, Old and New

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1970 3rd Herd

3rd Herd in Early 1970

Left to Right 1st Row: Eddie Mitchell, Joe Trujillo, Nguyen Phnk Giam, Patrick Breen, Rudy Nunez, Willie Gates, John Evans, Tom Miksell, Patrick Martin 2nd Row: Paul Burkey, Dale Courville, Cloyd Hutchinson, Gary Sell, Steve Dale, Steve Geroel, Joe Minios, Ken Hamilton, Vacente Ramirez, Chuck Schlueter, 3rd Row: James Hupp, Rod Moore, Dennis Figley, Frank Bort, Donnie Williams, Andy Hegedus, Jerry Risinger, Pete Bowman, Tommy Cribbs, Ruben Yanez, & Bernie Brown. This photo is from Mike Womack's Album in the Photo Gallery area.


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