2nd Platoon

Leadership & Organization;

Officers (Lt.): Lt. Charles Lieb, Lt. Joe Dart, Lt. Steve Wallace, Lt. Jim Campbell, Lt. Mark Bailey, Lt. Carpenter, Lt. Rick Lombard, and __Lt. Joe Ficarra

NCO's & Squad Leaders: SSG Queen, SSG Paul Burkey, SGT Jerry Moyer, SGT Rolland Christiansen, SGT Steve Bago, SGT Richard Bedolla, SGT Jeff Hudson, SGT Randy Parmley, SGT Duane "Slim" Sickert

Platoon Medic's: Doc Shepperd, Tom "Doc" Powel, Rick "Doc" Warren

Platoon Members: Dan Akins, Steve Bago, John Beebe, Jim Beech, Richard Bedolla, Rex Bleeker, Frank Bort, Edwin "Charlie" Brown, Paul Burkey, James Cannon, Rolland "Chris" Christiansen, Chuck Damron, Jack Dreher, Dean Fadeley, Joe Ficarra, Sam "Cisco" Garcia, Randy Garver, Andy Giles, Gary Gilliam, Mark Glover, Tony Gulley, John Harvey, Layne Hammons, Irby "Chief" Hand, George "Ranger" Hensley, Ron Hogan, Jeff "SG" Hudson, Bob Hurst, Cal Kato, Bob Lister, Thurman Logsdon, Rick Lombard, Phil Lormand, Tom "TC" Manbeck, Frank Matsko, Tony Milton, Alex Montoya, Jerry Moyer, Mike Mueller, Jimmy Owens, Tony Papa, Randy Parmley, Jack Pence, Jon Penfold, Jim Pfiefer, Jake "Chief" Pioche, Wayne Plunk, Tom Powell, Bob Quinn, Bob Radcliff (KIA), Johnnie Rainwater, Steven Riley, Vic Roubidoux, John Sauletis, Chuck Schluter, Mike Schmitt, Guy Shannon (KIA), Fredrick "Shep" Sheppard, Glen Shuman, Duane Sickert, Rick Siler, Roy Skeggs, Domenic Smigliani (KIA), Robert Smith (FO), Danny Smith (RTO), Bob Smoker, Shawn Spratt, Steve Stanley (KIA), Gary Steele, Rodger Stidolph, Doug Taylor, Ralph Thomas, Bill Tipton, Terry Unger, Steve Wallace, Rick Warren, Dave Weindorf, Steve Yalantis, Otto Zollands, Bob Zollar (KIA).

Kit Carson Scout:  Do Van Hap

Photos, Old and New

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2nd Platoon

The "2nd Platoon Gang"

L to R, Standing: Bob "Smitty" Smith, Thurman Logsdon, Mark Glover, Rex Bleeker, Randy Parmley, Dean Fadeley, Big John Sauletis, John Beebe, Roy Skeggs, Bob Lister, Mitch Jordan, Dave Wiendorf at center bent forward. Crouched: our Lt., Rick Lombard, and our Medic, Rick "Doc" Warren. Note this isn't all of the 2nd Platoon. This is part of Randy Parmley's Album in the Photo Gallery area.


Frank Matsko & Jef Hudson

Frank Matsko made a trip to see Jeff Hudson in Florida.



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