1st Platoon

Leadership  & Organization;

Officers (Lt.): Lt. Bob Leibecke, Lt. Bob Wallace, Lt. Chris Koos, Lt. Joe Repya, Lt. Norm Woods

NCO's & Squad Leaders: SSG Fowler, SSG Pedro Camacho, SSG Murphy, SSG Mike Ludwig, SSG Frank J. Parada, SSG Gordon Stoakley (KIA), SGT Daniel Schaubert, Sgt. ? Andreason, Sgt. Duane Bommersbach, Sgt. Steve Funk, Sgt. John Gillespie, Sgt. Bill Heil, Don Holthausen, Sgt. Jan Krupzowicz, Steve Manthei, Sgt. ? Ives, Sgt. Dave Rose, Sgt. Bruce Smith, Sgt. Bill Stokoe, Sgt. Bob von Almen, Bob Tarbuck

Platoon Medic's: ? Christian, Marc Rose, Bill Springer

Platoon Members: John Anders (KIA), ? Andreason, ? Bartee, ? Bivens, Brice Bergeson, Jerry Bobbitt (KIA), Duane Bommersbach, Jerone Buffington, Jesse Butler, Pedro Camacho, Jim Davis (KIA), Ken Duncan, Alan Essex, Leigh Freeman, Tom Friedrick, Steve Funk, Pat Germany, John Gillespie, John Harvey, Bill Heil, Arthur Hernandez (KIA), Ron Hogan, Don Holthausen, ? "Burl" Ives, Woodford Johnson, Charles Jones, Jesse Jones, Chris Koos, Jan Krupzowics, Dave La Rosa, Bob Leibecke, Tim Lowery, Mike Lugwig, Kenny Manning, Steve Manthei, Bunyon McClain, ? Milton, Bob Mulkern, Jerry Murphy, Don Norris, Doug Olson, Bill Orzak, Frank Parada, Clarence Pearson, Philip Pereira,  James Phifer, Jim Pontsloff, Del Pulliam, Jim Pyetzki, Bo Rainville, Joe Repya, Avelino Romero, Dave Rose, Mark Rose, ?"Chico" Ruiz, John Sarvis, Daniel Schaubert, Gunther Schreiner, Don Shiflet, Bruce Smith, Bob Smoker, Bill Springer, Gordon Stoakley (KIA), Bill Stokoe, Corky Swafford, Bob "RT" Tarbuck, Richard "Rick" Thomas, Mike Todd, Stuart Trotter, Terry Unger, Marty Van Kuiken, Bob von Almen, Bob Wallace, Tom Weides, Rick Walsh, Dallas Wetzler, Rick Witmer, Michael Womack, Bob Zoller

Kit Carson Scout: Lon

Photos, Old and New

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1st Platoon June 1970

1st Platoon in June of 1970

Part of Mike Womack's Album in the Photo Gallery area.


1st 1971

A group of the 1st Platoon men in July 1971

Kneeling (left to right): Mike Todd, Don “Buggs” Norris, SS6 Murphy (“Murph”)
Standing: Bunyon McClain, “Bo” Rainville, Don Shiflet, Gunther Schreiner, Rick Welch,
Dallas Wetzler, Jim Pontsloff, & Jim Pyetzki

SSG Mike Ludwig

SSG Mike Ludwig



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